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Why foster?


We need you!

Yes, you, who’s living vicariously through the adorable cat and kitten content on our website or social medias.


Wouldn’t you love that cuteness in your own living space? You can anticipate lots of kitty snuggles and all your friends and family suddenly wanting to come over to your house. 


Or maybe you’ve always felt unexplainably drawn towards helping animals in need, always rooting for the underdog (or cat). Wanting to be part of a greater mission to create a better world for animals, a world where every animal has a safe place. 


Our foster team is doing feline life-saving work every day and giving cats and kittens a fighting chance. Our fosters fall in love with the fostering cycle of taking in cats in need, nursing them back to health, and saying goodbye so they can foster again. And again. And again. 


How does it work?

It’s a pretty simple process! You fill out a fostering application (see below) to tell us about the types of fostering situations you’re comfortable with.


Based on your interests and experience, we will match you with your fosters. See the populations of cats we work with below.


While fostering, we will provide you with everything you need (food, litter, toys) and handle all the medical needs! You provide the love and close monitoring needed for the cats to thrive with guidance from our foster coordinator and team.


Nursing Moms With Kittens


Neonatal Orphaned Kittens

Weaned Kittens 5-12 weeks


Adult 1 - 10 years


Teenagers 3 months - 1 year


Seniors 10 years +


How long will I foster for?

Once your fosters are healthy, old enough, and fully vetted, we find them forever homes through our adoption centers.


While fostering, we ask that you let us know about any planned traveling or other fostering constraints. Most of our fosters work full-time, travel, or have other obligations they juggle.


We’ll work with you to find the right fostering fit for your lifestyle! 


Fostering Application


Click and fill out our fostering application!


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