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Our Story

Feline Advocates of Leon County is a non-profit animal rescue founded in 2019, serving Tallahassee and the Big Bend area. 

We began as a few passionate cat women running Fat Cat Café. It was a wonderful experience; however, we soon found out the financial challenges of a cat café and needed to team up with a nonprofit to be able to continue our mission.

And so, FALC was born!

FALC is comprised of a dedicated and passionate team of board of directors, employees, fosters, and volunteers. Nothing we have accomplished would be possible without them.


We were able to continue Fat Cat Café’s mission, while also expanding our operations after seeing the large issues and limited resources for cats in our area. We developed our foster program to be able to help cats and kittens that could not come straight to our cafe because they weren’t old enough and fully vetted or they were sick and had medical needs. Then, during the early portion of the pandemic, when shelters were closed, we significantly expanded to be able to help more cats. Since the pandemic, we have rescued over 600 cats, and our café has adopted out over 1000 cats.

Our Team

We then expanded again to operate a second adoption center – Fat Cat Books. This extension of our cat rescue is specifically to adopt out adult and senior cats, who often struggle to find forever homes and reside with us on a long-term basis.


Responsible and sustainable rescue is very important to us, and when assessing our effectiveness as a rescue, we value quality of care over quantity. We pride ourselves on providing individualized care to each cat and meeting their needs.

Check out the Get Involved tab for additional information on each component of our rescue operation!

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